Packing for Iceland


Packing for Iceland can be a challenge. For one, the weather can be quite unpredictable. You’ll also need to account for the various activities you plan to partake in (some, but not all companies provide the gear you’ll need – always verify what is included) plus some more trendy/dressier clothes for wearing out on the town in Reykjavik. Here is what I suggest you pack for your trip to Iceland:



  • One pair of heavy wool socks for every excursion you plan on doing (winter and summer) plus one pair of socks for each other day (in winter)
  • Bathing suit (year round)
  • One to two pairs of jeans (year round), for men swap one pair nice pants for going out at night, for women, one pair of casual jeans and one nicer will suffice
  • One dress or skirt and trendy shirt for going out on Friday or Saturday plus heels, or more practically, dressy boots (in winter) or flats that are also comfortable for walking around the city during the day (in summer)
  • Hiking boots
  • One sweater for every two-three days plus long/short sleeve Ts for layering with wool/turtlenecks (in winter) or lighter/v-necks ( for summer nights)
  • One water-proof windbreaker with hood (year round) plus fleece insulator and one pair long johns and thermal t-shirt (winter)
  • One pair of  waterproof, breathable pants that will keep you warm and dry and which you won’t mind getting dirty say, crawling in a cave
  • Hat, gloves, scarf (winter, spring and fall)
  • Umbrella and sunglasses (year round)

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