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Getting to Iceland isn’t as easy as getting to some other European countries, but it is by no means difficult. It’s only five hours by plane from New York City and about three hours from London. But, only a few airlines offer flights to Iceland, and they can be expensive during the peak summer season.

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One way to offset the cost is to plan a stopover in Iceland on your way between the US and Europe. The option is free in IcelandAir, though their tickets are sometimes more pricey than other carriers’.




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Another option for getting to Iceland is to take a ferry from Denmark. This option is still on the expensive side, so it really only makes sense if you have lots of time or are planning an extended visit and want to have your own car.

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Getting around within Iceland is easy and you’ll have plenty of options depending on your time frame and budget. Rental cars are pricey but allow more freedom and surprisingly, buses are often more expensive than flying.

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