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Photo Slideshow: Churches of Iceland

In early times, Icelanders practiced Norse paganism. Now, close to 90% of Icelanders are Christian, of which most (about 80%) belong to the Church of Iceland, a Lutheran group. Roman Catholic is the largest non-Lutheran religious group, though it accounts for only about 3% of the population. Though the majority of the population categorized themselves as religious in a 2004 survey, only about 10% of Icelanders attend Church once a month or more.

Despite this low attendance, you’ll find churches of various sizes, shapes and styles all over Iceland. Nearly every larger town has one; some family farms even have their own. From old turf-style churches to tiny wooden one-room churches to ultra-modern mega-churches, you’ll find places of worship scattered all over Iceland. Even if you aren’t religious, they can be a beautiful sight. Here are some of my favorite photos of churches in Iceland.


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