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Iceland is Hot This Spring and Summer

volcanoIceland is bound to be one hot destination this spring and summer….literally. Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano began erupting on March 20, prompting the evacuation of more than 500 people and the temporary closure of Iceland’s airports.

Luckily, no one was injured and no damage has been reported, and though scientists fear the volcano could trigger other eruptions with wide-reaching consequences, for now, the only result is an awe-inspiring show.

As the fiery hot lava continues to spew, Icelandic tour operators are clamoring to take advantage of this beautiful natural attraction by offering tours to go see the lava up close. Here’s a selection of some of the tours on offer through spring.

UPDATE: Eyjafjallajokull began erupting again in early April, this time spewing ash into the air and distrupting air travel in Europe.


Grayline Sightseeing is offering two different volcano tours. One offers the chance to see the volcano spewing hot lava from a safe distance. It’s 6 and a half hours long and costs  55 euros for those 12 and older. The other is longer (9 hours) and a lot more expensive (378 euros) but will truly provide a once in a lifetime experience. Those who book this tour will be taken to the Mýrdalsjökull glacier, where they’ll transfer to snowmobiles and continue on to the eruption site. Spending a total of three hours on the snowmobiles, tour members will find themselves face to face with the erupting volcano.

Arctic Adventures

Arctic Adventures will take you from Reykjavik to Tindfjöll glacier on its Volcano day tour. The price is 39.990 ISK and includes hotel pick-up, guided super truck ride to Tindfjöll and a two course dinner. The trip departs at 4:30pm and returns to Reykjavik around 2:00am the next morning.

Nordic Visitor

Nordic Visitor offers several volcano tours that range in transportation method, price and duration. Some go by superjeep or snowmobile, while others allow you to see the volcano’s power from above, as you soar overhead in a plane or helicopter. Bus tours start at 9900 ISK while helicopter viewing goes up to 99,000 ISK per person.

Iceland Total

Iceland Total’s superjeep volcano tour takes passengers to Tindfjoll glacier to view the lava from a safe distance away. The tour is a long one, running from 4:30pm to about 2:00am, and includes a stop in Hella for dinner. Other tours (which must all be booked as part of a total package) include helicopter rides over the volcano or snowmobile rides to view the lava.

Photo by Óli Jón