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How to Get Married in Iceland

My husband and I often talk about renewing our vows every 5-10 years, and doing it in a special place. One of the spots that of course always comes up, is Iceland. Then I saw these gorgeous photos from a small wedding in Iceland and realized it was not only a great place for us to renew our vows, but it was also a wonderful place for other couples to hold a destination wedding. If you’re thinking about getting married in Iceland, here’s what you need to know.

You’ll need to fill out an application and either mail it in so that it arrives two weeks before you’d like to get married, or bring it in person to the District Magistrate of Reykjavik two days before your wedding date. The application will need to be signed by two best men (witnesses) who do not have to show up in person. Each witness needs to fill out their name and birthdate and certify that the couple is eligible for marriage (not already married).

You’ll also need to bring with you valid passports and birth certificates for each person, plus medical certificates from your doctors stating that neither one of you have communicable diseases. (Non-US citizens should obtain a certificate of marital status.)  If you have been married before, you have to present a divorce decree (original) signed by the Ministry of Justice in Reykjavik and if you are widow, you’ll need official documents stating so.  Both partners must also be over 18 years old.

Note that the application requires two witnesses’ names and birth dates. They do not have to be at the wedding itself. You can obtain an application form from the office of the District Magistrate of Reykjavik. The official wedding ceremony is held there as well. The address is: Skogarhlid 6, IS-101 Reykjavik, phone +354-569-2400, fax +354-562-8415.

Weddings are performed at the District Magistrate of Reykjavik (Skogarhlid 6, IS-101 Reykjavik, tel. +354-569-2400, fax +354-562-8415. E-mail:, which is not a terribly exciting building. For this reason, most couples who want to have a more traditional wedding in Iceland choose to have the civil procedure done here and then have the wedding ceremony held after at another location.

If you want to get married at Hallgrimskirkja or another Icelandic church, contact:
The Dean of Reykjavík, Rev. Jón Dalbú Hróbjartsson
Hallgrimskirkja, Skolavörduholti
101 Reykjavík, Iceland
Tel: +354 510 1000, Fax: +354 510 1010

Photo by Ben Hussman