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Guided Sightseeing Tours in Reykjavik

Reykjavik is not one of those cities where you might feel compelled to hire a guide or join up with a tour group for the day. The city is compact, easy to navigate, and very safe. You could easily see most of it on your own in just a few hours. But, joining up with a guide can help give you an inside look at the city and you’ll learn things you might not have otherwise. If you’re interested in joining a tour of Reykjavik, here are some good options.

Reykjavik Excursions offers three different Reykjavik city tours – a two hour city tour that includes three lights stops for snacks, a 2.5 hour grand excursion that visits Reykjavik and then ventures out to the Pearl and a nearby thermal beach, and a one hour show that traces the history of Iceland and provides a brief but entertaining look at the local culture.

My vote though, goes to the free My Reykjavik walking tour, an easy walk through downtown Reykjavik.

For something totally different, try a haunted walk through Reykjavik. Haunted Iceland offers group and individual tours that explore the haunted history of Iceland and the folklore than tells tales of elves and “hidden people.”

And my personal favorite way to explore Reykjavik? On a bike. Reykjavik Bike Tours offers several options for bike tours of the city.  The basic ride lasts about 2.5 hours and covers 7km, including some lesser-known sites and spots out of the immediate City Center. The cost is 4000 ISK, or about $32US.  Midnight summer tours and private tours are also available.

Photo by Alex J White