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Getting to Iceland from Scotland

From Scotland, travelers coming to Iceland have two options for a direct flight.  Icelandair, the nation’s flagship carrier, offers multiple daily flights from Glasgow to Reykjavik for 130-350 euros each way depending on when you go and how far in advance you book. The flight takes about three hours (you can also fly direct from Manchester, and London).

If you can fly from Edinburgh, check out the low-cost carrier IcelandExpress, which offers flights from Edinburgh to Reykjavik for as low as 45 euros each way (up to 75 euros each way, again depending on when you book). IcelandExpress also offers direct flights to Reykjavik from London and Belfast. Flying in off season (September to May) will cost less than it will in summer peak season, and generally the sooner you book, the lower the cost.

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If you’d rather take the slow boat, check out the Smyril Line, which runs a three-day ferry from Denmark  to Iceland (via the Faroe Islands) and operates all year, except from January to March, with prices starting at 65 euros per person.

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