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Getting from Reykjavik to Isafjordur

Isafjordur is the largest city in the Westfjords, and makes an excellent home base for exploring the area. From Reykjavik, you have three options for  getting there.

By plane

The flight from Reykjavik to Isafjordur on AirIceland takes only 40 minutes and costs anywhere from 6000 to 14,000 ISK each way, depending on when you book and which class of seat you buy. With an advance purchase, you should be able to find tickets for about 10,000 ISK (about $80) each way. Once in Isafjordur, you can rent a car to get around the area.

By car

The drive from Reykjavik to Iceland is a long one, and is best broken up over a few days. Take Hwy 1 (the Ring Road) north to Hwy 61, which will wind its way along the east coast of the peninsula before cutting inland and then returning to the coast to hug the fjords. It’s a beautiful drive, but best to only be undertaken from late spring to early fall. The drive will take roughly 10 hours, and that’s in good conditions and with no stops, so it’s better to break it up into two 6 hour drives.

If you do wish to break up the drive, you can go via the Snaefellsness Peninsula. Take Hwy 1 to Hwy 54, to Stykkisholmur. Stay the night, and then the following morning, take the ferry across, via Flatey Island, to the westfjords. The ferry must be booked in advance and costs 3,950 per person and 3,950 ISK (about $30) for cars. It operates once a day in winter and twice daily in summer. From the ferry landing, take Hwy 50 to Hwy 61.

By bus

Bus is not the ideal way to travel from Reykjavik to Isafjordur, however if you do want to visit several towns and you have time, it is a nice way to see the countryside. From Reykjavik, take the bus three hours to Stykkisholmur, hop on the ferry via Flatey and then transfer at the Ferry Baldur stop to Isafjordur. From there is is about three hours.

Photo by towniep