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Ferries to Iceland

ferryOther than flying, the only way to get to Iceland is by ferry. The Smyril Line offers services from Denmark to the Faroe Islands and then on to Iceland all months of the year, except January, February and March.

The journey takes three days and nights, with different rates for passengers only and those with vehicles.  In low season the fare is 55 British Pounds per person; in high season that goes up to 107.  But that’s just for the space on the boat. If you want a berth in a shared cabin, that’s another 85 pounds per person in high season. A luxury cabin for two will set you back over 1000 pounds if you travel during June or August. Meals on-board cost an additional fee.

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Unless you want the experience of sailing to Iceland or are bring a car with you, it generally makes more sense in terms of both time and money, to take a low cost flight on Iceland Express or Icelandair.

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