Cruises in Iceland

Iceland is a small island nation, with deep fjords and plentiful coastal towns. So it’s seems an obvious logical leap that it might be a good place to visit by ship. But while there are several cruises that make stops in Iceland, there’s really no way to cruise around the island unless you hire your own vessel and crew, and in my opinion, by sea is really not the best way to see Iceland. Many of the towns outside of Reykjavik are best breezed through. The bulk of your journey should really be spent driving around to take in the country’s natural wonders and engaging in outdoor activities like hiking, horseback riding and walking on glaciers.

If you have your heart set on cruising to Iceland, here are your limited options.



  • Norwegian Cruise Lines offers one cruise that stops in Iceland. The 14-day cruise, which starts at $1799 per person, stops for one day in Reykjavik.
  • Saga Travel offers two cruises that stop in Iceland: a 14-day cruise that makes five stops in Iceland and costs upwards of $3500 per person and a similarly priced 15-day cruise that makes three stops in Iceland. Both depart from Dover, England.
  • The most luxurious (and expensive) option is the 12-day Hurtigruten cruise of Greenland, which makes two stops in Iceland and costs more than $5000 per person.

Photo by towniep

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