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Cheap Hostels in Akureyri

There’s only one official hostel in Akureyri.  The Hostelling International hostel is located in the center of the small town, on Hörgárbraut street, and within easy walking distance of everything you’d need – bus and flight connections, the grocery store and Vinbudin, and the harbor.  The hotels offers a total of 50 beds with shared bathrooms, kitchen facilities, and wireless internet. Rates are the same as at all Iceland HI hostels – 3300 ISK (about $30) for a single bed, with additional charges for private rooms and for sheet rentals.

There are additional hostel and sleeping options available though. Sleeping bag accommodation, available only in the summer, is a good option for those on a very small budget. There are four rooms with 6 bunks each, plus cooking facilities,  living room TV and laundry. Rates start at about $18 US.

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Photo by empyreal