Despite the cold weather and short hours of sunlight, December is actually a  great time to visit Iceland. Early in the month, you can take advantage of low-season savings, and if you come over the holidays you’ll find a delightfully festive atmosphere. The temperature ranges from 2.2°C to -2.8°C, or about 28 to 36°F. It can get much colder on […]

Iceland in December

When you think of winter in a place called Iceland, you probably think of…well…ice, and lots of it – frozen tundra, frozen lakes and icy rivers, giant snowbanks, frequent blizzards, impassible roads and abominable temperatures. And Iceland, to some extent, delivers on that assumption. Despite that, it’s still a fantastic place to visit in winter. Yes, days are cold and […]

Iceland in Winter

While March might signify the start of spring in many places, in Iceland, it still feels like winter. The temperatures, on average, are only an insignificant degree warmer than those in February, ranging from -2  to 3.2°C, though you may luck out and get some warmer days on your trip. Snowstorms are as common as sunny days and many roads […]

Iceland in March

January, along with the rest of winter in Iceland, isn’t a very popular times for tourists to visit Iceland. In November and December daylight hours dwindle to just four hours per day and then slowly begin to increase again in January.  Average sunrise time in January is,10:30am, while the average sunset time is just before 4pm. And while the average […]

Iceland in January