Iceland’s peak tourist season is short but sweet. It starts in mid-June and goes to early September, with most visitors coming from late June to August. During this time, the weather is warm – ranging from 6-13°C (about 46-56°F) with even warmer days possible. Summer is the time of the Midnight Sun, when Reykjavik has only a few hours of […]

Iceland in Summer

Along with June and July, August is the most popular time to visit Iceland. Slightly cooler (and wetter) than July and with just a few less hours of daylight,it’s an ideal – though expensive – time to visit. Temperatures range from 8-13°C (about 45-55°F) with some days as warm as 65°F. In earlier August, you’ll find more summery days; as […]

Iceland in August

In few places on earth is such a small island packed with so much wonder as in Iceland. In fact the natural wonders of Iceland are the country’s main draw. Though it’s only about the size of the US state of Ohio, the country is teeming with waterfalls, mountains, beaches, fjords, geysirs and hot springs, caves, and other geological oddities. […]

Experiencing the Midnight Sun in Iceland

It’s no surprise that July (along with June and August) is one of the most popular times to visit Iceland. Weather is pleasant (though not hot), and the days are long. Though sunset is a bit earlier than it is in June, it’s still averages around 11pm, with sunrise the next day at a very early 3:23am. These long hours […]

Iceland in July

Summers in Iceland are beautiful, and June is one of the most popular times to visit. Summer here is like few places on earth. For one, while it gets quite warm in Iceland in summer, it never really gets hot. Temperatures generally range between 6 and 13°C (42 and 55 °C) but it can get up to as high as […]

Iceland in June