Reykjavik is the capital and largest city in Iceland, and the place most tourists make their home base. Even if you plan on exploring Iceland’s more rugged areas, chances are you’ll spend at least a day in Reykjavik (and you should!). The city is compact and walkable, safe and (with the very notable exceptions of Friday and Saturday nights) very […]

Things to Do in Reykjavik

Despite their close proximity to one another, it can be very expensive to travel between Iceland and Greenland. Only two airlines serve Greenland: Air Iceland which operates flights from several cities in Greenland to Reykjavik (and other locations in Iceland) all year round, and Air Greenland, which offers flights from Narsarsuaq or Nuuk to Reykjavik. >> more on flights to […]

Getting to Iceland from Greenland

The Vikings weren’t exactly known for their romance skills. In part because of its history, and even moreso because of its unique geography, Iceland isn’t “swaying palm trees and long walks on the beach” romantic. Its romance is more of the “powerful waterfalls, alien landscapes, alone in the middle of nowhere” variety. And that’s perfectly fine by me. If you […]

Romantic Things to Do in Iceland

When you think of winter in a place called Iceland, you probably think of…well…ice, and lots of it – frozen tundra, frozen lakes and icy rivers, giant snowbanks, frequent blizzards, impassible roads and abominable temperatures. And Iceland, to some extent, delivers on that assumption. Despite that, it’s still a fantastic place to visit in winter. Yes, days are cold and […]

Iceland in Winter

Though the days when jets had to stop in Reykjavik to refuel on their way from North America to Europe are gone, it’s still easy and cheap to plan a short stopover in Iceland on your way to or from Europe. Icelandair offers service to Iceland from Boston, New York, and Seattle, and seasonally from Minneapolis/St. Paul, Orlando, Halifax, and […]

How to Plan a Stopover in Iceland

While it’s easy to dine on a smaller budget in Iceland, it’s also easy to spend a few hundred dollars on dinner, especially at Reykjavik’s more upmarket, trendy restaurants. Here, dinner for two with wine (for which you can expect to pay at least 4500 ISK per bottle) one appetizer, two entrees, and one dessert, will cost anywhere from $160 […]

The Best Restaurants for a Splurge Meal in Reykjavik