In Húsavík, you can’t escape the whales. Known as being one of the best places in the world to go whale-watching, Húsavík is a former whaling town turned fishing town turned tourist town that, come summer, fills up each morning with visitors (don’t worry, most don’t stay the night) who’ve come to get up close to whales on the open […]

The Húsavík Whale Museum

In addition to being the whale-watching capital of Iceland (and the world), the small town of Húsavík has a unique claim to fame. The town is the home of the Iceland Phallological Museum, which, as you might guess, is indeed a museum devoted entirely to penises. Upon hearing this, and reading that the museum had the distinction of containing one […]

The Phallological Museum in Husavik

Húsavík sits in the northeast of Iceland, just east of Akureyri, tucked in an inlet above Skjálfandi Bay. Húsavík started forming as a village in the late 19th century, founded upon the fishing industry, shipping, trade and agriculture. Today it is one of the most popular tourist spots outside of southwest Iceland, known as one of the best spots for […]


Many people visiting the central-north region of Iceland choose to stay in Akureryi, assuming that the country’s second largest city will offer more to see and do than the tiny village  (population: 2500) of Husavik. And if you want nightlife and multiple restaurants to choose from, it’s probably wise to follow suite. But if you want to settle into village […]

Where to Stay in Husavik: Kaldbak-Kot Cottages

Despite its small size, Iceland is a deceptively large country to travel across. Due the inhospitable nature of the rugged and snowy interior, it’s impossible to drive across in winter (and should only be undertaken with the proper training and equipment in summer), so in order to travel from Reykjavik to the northeastern side of the country, you’ll need to […]

See More of Iceland with an Air Iceland Day Trip

When you look at a map of Iceland, you can’t help but think “It looks so small.” But once you set foot on Iceland, the enormity of it strikes you. Yes, it’s roughly the size of the US state of Ohio, and yes, you could conceivably drive the 832 miles (1332 kms) around the Ring Road in two very long […]

What to Do with Two Days in Iceland