Holidays and Events

By May, Iceland is in the full bloom of spring. There are still plenty of cold days and spring storms, and temperatures hover between 3 and 6°C (about 40-50°F). It’s still off-season, so though the hours of daylight stretch from about 4am to 10pm, you’ll still see lots of savings on hotels and tours and far fewer tourists than in […]

Iceland in May

In most places around the world, April is considered a month of spring, with summer starting later in June. In Iceland, April marks the beginning of summer…but don’t bust out your shorts and sundresses just yet. Average temperatures in Iceland in April range from .4-5.7°C, a chilly 32-42°F, not exactly beach weather. Snowstorms are still common and many areas remain […]

Iceland in April

When you think of winter in a place called Iceland, you probably think of…well…ice, and lots of it – frozen tundra, frozen lakes and icy rivers, giant snowbanks, frequent blizzards, impassible roads and abominable temperatures. And Iceland, to some extent, delivers on that assumption. Despite that, it’s still a fantastic place to visit in winter. Yes, days are cold and […]

Iceland in Winter

The Christmas season is an excellent time to visit Iceland. Though the days are short and cold, there’s a festive atmosphere as families prepare for the holidays.  Christmas festivities start in Iceland around December 12 when the 13 Yule-Lads – who are like naughty Santas – come down from the mountains to essentially terrorize (all in good fun) the people […]

Christmas in Iceland