In France, Spain and Italy, it’s wine. In Portugal, it’s port. In Germany and Czech Republic, it’s beer. In Russia, it’s vodka. And in Denmark it’s akvavit. Most European countries seem to have a signature drink, and Iceland is no exception. While the most traditional of drinks in Iceland is Brennivin – affectionately called the black death – it’s not […]

What to Drink in Iceland

Drinking in Iceland is expensive. There’s just no getting around that. But there are a few ways to reduce the cost while still enjoying the city’s legendary nightlife. Here’s how to save money drinking in Iceland. Make the Duty-Free your first stop Located inside Keflavik Airport, the Icelandic Duty Free shop sells liquor at prices that are up to one-third […]

Drinking in Iceland

Financial collapse. A belief in elves and a delicacy of rotten shark. Volcanic eruptions. Sure, these are all things you may have head about in association with Iceland. But I know what you what you really want to learn about….the Reykjavik rúntur. What’s the  rúntur? The word rúntur translates to “round tour” and that’s pretty much what it is – […]

The Reykjavik Runtur