At first glance, plokkfiskur doesn’t look very appetizing. And where you learn the name means “mashed fish” it doesn’t gain much appeal. But looks can be deceiving, as this traditional dish is actually quite delicious. In early times, poached haddock (or other white fish) was served with boiled potatoes several times a week and there were usually leftovers. Those leftovers […]

Icelandic Food to Try: Plokkfiskur

Unlike in the US, tipping is not a widespread custom in Iceland. The reason isn’t that everything costs so much in Iceland (though it does), and it’s not because (contrary to popular belief) it’s considered an insult to tip in Iceland. It is simply because the tax and gratuity are already included in your bill. Whenever you receive a bill […]

Tipping in Iceland

Skyr (pronounced skeer) is like an Icelandic cultured yogurt (though technically it’s actually a cheese) but it’s unlike any other yogurt in the world. Made by introducing live active cultures into skim milk and then straining off the whey, the result is a much thicker, creamier, concentrated yogurt. The production of skyr requires up to four times the amount of […]

Icelandic Food to Try: Skyr

Icelanders are nearly fanatical about their hot dogs, and once you taste one, it’s easy to see why. The hot dogs are made mostly with lamb (and sometimes with a little pork) and traditionally topped with mustard, ketchup, fried onion, raw onion and remolaĆ°i, a mayonnaise-based sauce with sweet relish. And in a country known for being exorbitantly expensive, they […]

Icelandic Hot Dogs

For a small city, Reykjavik has a lot of dining options and, financial crisis or no, it seems that new ones continue to spring up while the best of the old favorites are kept in business by tourists and loyal locals. While it can be tough to stomach the thought of paying the high prices at some places, every visitor […]

Where to Eat in Reykjavik

While it’s easy to dine on a smaller budget in Iceland, it’s also easy to spend a few hundred dollars on dinner, especially at Reykjavik’s more upmarket, trendy restaurants. Here, dinner for two with wine (for which you can expect to pay at least 4500 ISK per bottle) one appetizer, two entrees, and one dessert, will cost anywhere from $160 […]

The Best Restaurants for a Splurge Meal in Reykjavik

Despite the high prices in Iceland, it is possible to eat on a smaller budget, especially in Reykjavik, where you’ll have many more options for cheap eats. Market shopping If you’re on a very small budget and are staying at accommodations with a kitchen, you can eat quite cheaply while still sampling some of the local cuisine. Head to the […]

Dining on a Budget in Reykjavik

In early times, the people of Iceland had to work hard to feed themselves. They ate what they could find and, as time progressed, developed some interesting ways of living off the land and sea to keep their bellies full. These traditional foods , called “thorramatur“, are particularly popular with locals during the winter and include preserved foods like smoked […]

Icelandic Delicacies