Unlike in the US, tipping is not a widespread custom in Iceland. The reason isn’t that everything costs so much in Iceland (though it does), and it’s not because (contrary to popular belief) it’s considered an insult to tip in Iceland. It is simply because the tax and gratuity are already included in your bill. Whenever you receive a bill […]

Tipping in Iceland

For many visitors, one of the best things about Iceland – aside from the insanely beautiful nature wonders and delicious cuisine, of course – is the unique culture of Iceland. Icelanders are an interesting lot, a group of hardy Nordic people who somehow, despite suffering through cold, dark winters in an unforgiving land rife with volcanoes, glaciers and moving fault […]

Six Things to Know About Icelandic Culture

1) At roughly 39,000 square miles, Iceland is small – about the size of the US state of Ohio. 11% of the country is covered with glaciers, and 8% of that is a single one, Vatnajökull, which is located in the vast and nearly uninhabited interior. Three of Iceland’s five glaciers are the largest in Europe. Another 30% of the […]

25 Things You Didn’t Know About Iceland

Attitudes about sexual orientation and equal rights have always been very progressive in Iceland. Iceland is the only country in the world to have an openly gay prime minister (Johanna Sigurdardottir) and according to Reuters, “the prime minister’s sexual orientation garnered far more interest among foreign media than in Iceland, where the attitude toward homosexuality has grown increasingly relaxed in […]

Iceland’s Parliament Votes to Legalize Gay Marriage

In early times, the people of Iceland had to work hard to feed themselves. They ate what they could find and, as time progressed, developed some interesting ways of living off the land and sea to keep their bellies full. These traditional foods , called “thorramatur“, are particularly popular with locals during the winter and include preserved foods like smoked […]

Icelandic Delicacies

Financial collapse. A belief in elves and a delicacy of rotten shark. Volcanic eruptions. Sure, these are all things you may have head about in association with Iceland. But I know what you what you really want to learn about….the Reykjavik rúntur. What’s the  rúntur? The word rúntur translates to “round tour” and that’s pretty much what it is – […]

The Reykjavik Runtur