In few places on earth is such a small island packed with so much wonder as in Iceland. In fact the natural wonders of Iceland are the country’s main draw. Though it’s only about the size of the US state of Ohio, the country is teeming with waterfalls, mountains, beaches, fjords, geysirs and hot springs, caves, and other geological oddities. […]

Experiencing the Midnight Sun in Iceland

It’s no surprise that July (along with June and August) is one of the most popular times to visit Iceland. Weather is pleasant (though not hot), and the days are long. Though sunset is a bit earlier than it is in June, it’s still averages around 11pm, with sunrise the next day at a very early 3:23am. These long hours […]

Iceland in July

Summers in Iceland are beautiful, and June is one of the most popular times to visit. Summer here is like few places on earth. For one, while it gets quite warm in Iceland in summer, it never really gets hot. Temperatures generally range between 6 and 13°C (42 and 55 °C) but it can get up to as high as […]

Iceland in June

Keflavík,  in the Reykjanes region of southwest Iceland, is a large town with a population of about 8,000 people. In the 16th century, it was a trading port and major fishing town; during World War II it grew when US forces stationed here built an airstrip outside of town. In 1949, when Iceland joined NATO, the country agreed to let […]


Though Iceland is a small country (about the size of the US state of Ohio) it can be expensive to get around in. There’s no rail service, and few roads through the interior (which is completely inaccessible in winter) so to get from one side to the other, you’ll need to fly or drive around the 830-mile Ring Road, the […]

Getting Around in Iceland

In early times, Icelanders practiced Norse paganism. Now, close to 90% of Icelanders are Christian, of which most (about 80%) belong to the Church of Iceland, a Lutheran group. Roman Catholic is the largest non-Lutheran religious group, though it accounts for only about 3% of the population. Though the majority of the population categorized themselves as religious in a 2004 […]

Photo Slideshow: Churches of Iceland

Despite their close proximity to one another, it can be very expensive to travel between Iceland and Greenland. Only two airlines serve Greenland: Air Iceland which operates flights from several cities in Greenland to Reykjavik (and other locations in Iceland) all year round, and Air Greenland, which offers flights from Narsarsuaq or Nuuk to Reykjavik. >> more on flights to […]

Getting to Iceland from Greenland

From Scotland, travelers coming to Iceland have two options for a direct flight.  Icelandair, the nation’s flagship carrier, offers multiple daily flights from Glasgow to Reykjavik for 130-350 euros each way depending on when you go and how far in advance you book. The flight takes about three hours (you can also fly direct from Manchester, and London). If you […]

Getting to Iceland from Scotland

Travelers coming from London have perhaps the most choice when it comes to airlines to fly between London and Reykjavik…and that’s still not much. The largest carrier is Icelandair, which offers multiple daily flights between the two cities for 130-350 euros each way depending on when you go and how far in advance you book. The flight takes about three […]

Getting to Iceland from London