The Westfjords, the gnarled fingers of land that reach from northwest Iceland into the Atlantic, are not the easiest place to travel. Covered in snow several months of the year, they are a remote and rugged region. However those who do make the trip will find one of the most beautiful and untouched areas of Iceland, where mountains slope to […]

Where to Stay in the Westfjords

The Westfjords are one of the most spectacular areas in all of Iceland, boasting some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe. However, due to its location outside the famous Ring Road (a popular route for travelers that circumnavigates Iceland’s central land area), the region isn’t heavily visited. Couple that with a harsh landscape and unforgiving weather for nine months […]

Four Things to Do in the Westfjords

Despite the cold weather and short hours of sunlight, December is actually a  great time to visit Iceland. Early in the month, you can take advantage of low-season savings, and if you come over the holidays you’ll find a delightfully festive atmosphere. The temperature ranges from 2.2°C to -2.8°C, or about 28 to 36°F. It can get much colder on […]

Iceland in December

By November, Iceland’s short but beautiful summer is a distant memory. Though many places in the US are experiencing a few last warm days as the leaves turn and fall, by November it feels like winter has already arrived in Iceland. Temperatures drop to an average of 3.4°C to -1.3°C (about 30-38°F) and the sun only shines for about six […]

Iceland in November

By October, Iceland is heading steadily towards winter. Temperatures drop, it rains more often (actually October sees the most precipitation of any month) and daylight hours become much shorter. Average temps range from 6.8°C to 2.2°C (roughly 44 – 36 °F), with the sun rising around 8am and setting by 6pm each day.  The good news is that – with […]

Iceland in October

September deserves to be a more popular time to visit Iceland. Though you’ll miss out on seeing the sun high in the sky well past 10pm (sunset is around 7:30pm and the sun rises around 6:30am), temperatures are still quite nice, with average temps between 10.1°C (50 °F) and 5°C  (41 °F) throughout the month, and prices are lower and […]

Iceland in September

Iceland’s peak tourist season is short but sweet. It starts in mid-June and goes to early September, with most visitors coming from late June to August. During this time, the weather is warm – ranging from 6-13°C (about 46-56°F) with even warmer days possible. Summer is the time of the Midnight Sun, when Reykjavik has only a few hours of […]

Iceland in Summer

Along with June and July, August is the most popular time to visit Iceland. Slightly cooler (and wetter) than July and with just a few less hours of daylight,it’s an ideal – though expensive – time to visit. Temperatures range from 8-13°C (about 45-55°F) with some days as warm as 65°F. In earlier August, you’ll find more summery days; as […]

Iceland in August