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Photo Slideshow: Churches of Iceland

In early times, Icelanders practiced Norse paganism. Now, close to 90% of Icelanders are Christian, of which most (about 80%) belong to the Church of Iceland, a Lutheran group. Roman Catholic is the largest non-Lutheran religious group, though it accounts for only about 3% of the population. Though the majority of the population categorized themselves as religious in a 2004 […]

Getting to Iceland from Greenland

Despite their close proximity to one another, it can be very expensive to travel between Iceland and Greenland. Only two airlines serve Greenland: Air Iceland which operates flights from several cities in Greenland to Reykjavik (and other locations in Iceland) all year round, and Air Greenland, which offers flights from Narsarsuaq or Nuuk to Reykjavik. >> more on flights to […]

Low-Cost Airlines That Fly to Iceland

There aren’t too many airlines that fly to Iceland, and even fewer that would fall into the budget category, especially if you are coming from the US. In Europe, you have a few more options, with carriers like Finnair, SAS and Atlantic Airways offering flights to Reykjavik from Scandinavia. IcelandAir, the country’s flagship carrier connects over a dozen cities in […]