Monthly Archives: February 2012

Iceland Express Adds New Routes from Chicago and Boston

Iceland isn’t the easiest country to get to. Only two airlines – Iceland Express and Icelandair – operate flights from the US to Reykjavik, so prices tend to stay pretty high, despite the fact that it’s just a five hour flight from New York City. Icelandair, the country’s first carrier, has slowly been expanding its list of cities served, now […]

The Westman Islands

As you travel from the south coast of Iceland, a garrison of emerald-topped sentinels rises dramatically from the North Atlantic.  The Westman Islands lie roughly seven miles south of the Icelandic mainland, an isolated outpost of hearty fishermen, puffin colonies, and volcanic fury.  This archipelago of 15-18 islands (depending on the tide) are among the youngest land masses on earth […]