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Elves in Iceland

You may have heard the story that many people in Iceland believe in elves, called hudulfolk, or the “hidden people.” While not everyone believes, many at least aren’t willing to rule out their existence entirely. It may be a running joke among visitors that the Icelandic people believe in elves, but to some people, it’s no laughing matter. In fact, […]

What to Do with Three Days in Iceland

Thanks to Icelandair, it’s easy (and free) to schedule a short stopover in Iceland on your way between Europe and North America. Being more than a little partial to Iceland, I’d of course recommend that you stay as long as you possibly can, but if you only have a few days, you can still experience enough of this beautiful country […]

Driving in Iceland

Driving in Iceland can be a daunting prospect. While most of the Ring Road is paved and in good condition, there are some gravel spots, and if you plan on getting off the main road (as you should) you’ll be faced with lots more gravel spots, blind corners, narrow bridges, animal hazards, flooded roads, potholes, and more. And that’s in […]

See More of Iceland with an Air Iceland Day Trip

Despite its small size, Iceland is a deceptively large country to travel across. Due the inhospitable nature of the rugged and snowy interior, it’s impossible to drive across in winter (and should only be undertaken with the proper training and equipment in summer), so in order to travel from Reykjavik to the northeastern side of the country, you’ll need to […]

What to Do with Two Days in Iceland

When you look at a map of Iceland, you can’t help but think “It looks so small.” But once you set foot on Iceland, the enormity of it strikes you. Yes, it’s roughly the size of the US state of Ohio, and yes, you could conceivably drive the 832 miles (1332 kms) around the Ring Road in two very long […]

How to Plan a Stopover in Iceland

Though the days when jets had to stop in Reykjavik to refuel on their way from North America to Europe are gone, it’s still easy and cheap to plan a short stopover in Iceland on your way to or from Europe. Icelandair offers service to Iceland from Boston, New York, and Seattle, and seasonally from Minneapolis/St. Paul, Orlando, Halifax, and […]

The Best Icelandic Souvenir: A Lopapeysa

All over Iceland, you’ll see locals and visitors wearing warm knit sweaters with a distinctive pattern around the neck. The sweater is called a lopapeysa, which came into fashion in the middle of the 20th century and has lately seen a resurgence in popularity among the younger generations. What once was something generally given as a gift by a doting […]

Icelandic Hot Dogs

Icelanders are nearly fanatical about their hot dogs, and once you taste one, it’s easy to see why. The hot dogs are made mostly with lamb (and sometimes with a little pork) and traditionally topped with mustard, ketchup, fried onion, raw onion and remolaĆ°i, a mayonnaise-based sauce with sweet relish. And in a country known for being exorbitantly expensive, they […]

Drinking in Iceland

Drinking in Iceland is expensive. There’s just no getting around that. But there are a few ways to reduce the cost while still enjoying the city’s legendary nightlife. Here’s how to save money drinking in Iceland. Make the Duty-Free your first stop Located inside Keflavik Airport, the Icelandic Duty Free shop sells liquor at prices that are up to one-third […]